• By accessing or using www.indomita.net (referred to from this point as "Indomita"), you agree to reading, understanding, accepting, and being bound by the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of the terms and conditions listed below you are required to stop using or accessing Indomita immediately. Take the time to carefully read through the terms and conditions listed below as you will be held responsible for your actions should any of the terms and conditions be violated.
• Indomita's TOS may be modified or added to at any time with or without notice. These changes or additions become effective immediately. It is the user's responsibility to keep updated on Indomita's TOS, and to make certain that their actions are within Indomita's terms and conditions. By continuing to use Indomita, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service in its current state.
• All official content created for use on the site is copyrighted by Indomita. No usage of official Indomita content, including but not limited to, artwork, programming, and written content is to be recreated or posted offsite for any reason including but not limited to fansites and site reviews without explicit permission from Indomita administrators. They can be emailed at admin@indomita.net. Any user discovered to have violated these terms could potentially be held legally accountable. All user created content belongs to its original creator and should not be posted on Indomita in violation of their own terms of conditions. Said material will be removed upon discovery. If a user finds their content recreated without permission, they are encouraged to contact staff to address the issue.
• Indomita is under no obligation to remain open. Indomita may shut down for any reason, at any time, with or without notice. Users are not entitled to compensation for any reason. Including but not limited to any type of losses due to bugs, glitches, malfunctions, programming errors, or site resets.
• Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions can result in temporary or permanent restriction from Indomita. The staff of Indomita reserve the right to restrict access to Indomita temporarily or permanently for any reason. Users are required to follow all rules posted on Indomita by the staff, and to adhere to the staff's decisions. Users will be held responsible for their conduct offsite if that conduct conflicts with local laws and/or the bullying/doxing of another player.
• Indomita functions on a "three strike" policy. Members are first given a warning as well as a short-period ban from the chat box and forum (if necessary). A repeat of the action will earn another warning and short-term forum and chat ban or a suspension period, and anything further shall result in a longer account suspension or ban from the game. However, this policy is subject to the actions of the user in question. If any offence is a major breach of rules and terms, strongly offensive, or otherwise detrimental to the game or any of its members, an instant ban may be issued. If an account is banned, all characters are retired and will not be available for adoption via in game methods.
• Account creation is restricted to those users 13 or older. There may be content contained within Indomita that would be inappropriate for younger users. Any account discovered to be registered to an underage user will immediately be removed the game. No information will be stored or logged. The user is encouraged to join again after their 13th birthday.
• Members may not share any personally identifiable information on this site. This includes, but is not limited to phone numbers, address, credit card number, social security number, ect. Stay safe and maintain your privacy.
• Users are permitted one account only. Any user discovered operating more than one account will have all their accounts suspended or removed. Indomita reserved the right the track IP addresses for this and other purposes. If separate users are operating from the same location and computer they are required to contact staff to discuss the situation before creating another account. Failure to do so could result in suspension or removal of account. The use of a proxy server to mask IP addresses tied to an account is not allowed. Any user found to be using the site in this fashion will be banned.
• Accounts are non-transferable. Accounts cannot be traded or sold for real life money, game currency of any kind, or other game accounts, nor can they be given away. If an account is found to have someone using it other than the original owner, the account will be banned.
• Appropriate standards of decorum are expected from all players at all times. This means the posting of pornography or other explicitly sexual content, hate speech or material intended to target and bully any other player will be deleted immediately and the player responsible banned. There will be no leniency on this issue. Indomita is intended as a safe place for all users and all threatening and triggering content will be removed and dealt with.
• Harassing or antagonizing members, administrators, or any staff members is strictly prohibited and may result in warnings being issued or account suspension or ban. While staff does investigate and act on issues of harassment, we are not meant to moderate personal disputes. Players are encouraged to sort out personal differences unrelated to Indomita on their own, and if necessary, use the block feature to avoid further interaction with players they do not get along with.
• Indomita should be treated similarly to a movie with a PG-13 rating. Cursing/swearing is allowed, though said speech is not to be directed at other users or used in character names or biographies which can be viewed by all players. In addition, the site could contain mentions of violence and sexual content, though neither should be persistent or explicit. The user may be alerted if their conduct is questionable and given a warning, though no member of staff is under such an obligation if they feel the content is decidedly inappropriate.
• The staff of Indomita are to be treated with respect, and their decisions adhered to. If there is a concern about how a matter has been handled by a staff member or a belief that a member of staff has violated a rule themselves, these issues are to be directly sent to Lucy at admin@indomita.net and will be handled privately. If a member of the staff feels threatened or feels strongly that a serious infraction has been committed they are within their rights to remove a user from Indomita without warning or explanation. Impersonating a staff member will result in an immediate ban. In addition, please be aware that the staff (including writers and artists) are in fact people and blatantly rude and disrespectful comments towards or about them will be immediately removed and depending upon the severity, warnings issued. There is a large difference between having an opinion and being openly and unabashedly rude.
• Should a bug or glitch in game play be discovered, exploitation of this incident is strictly prohibited. All users are required to submit reports of the issue immediately for staff to review. Any users founds taking advantage can and will be suspended or banned depending on the severity and previous knowledge of the issue. Any user discovered to be attempting to circumvent the game play system will be permanently banned. Examples of exploitation include loaning or borrowing horses to gain experience, or borrowing another player's horse to adopt their foal in order to not trigger a stallion count.
• The use of bots on Indomita is prohibited. Any suspected use may result in warnings being issued or account suspension.
• Any Chrysos sales are non-refundable and final. Indomita is in no way obligated to reimburse the user for any money spent on the game for any reason. Users are permitted to trade Chrysos for their own goods and services but Indomita is under no obligation to reimburse users for any lost Chrysos from such transactions. All non-official purchases are the user's own risk. Any user found to be abusing this system should be reported immediately. This is a bannable offense.
• Items, characters, and game currency are not to be sold for real life or currency from others games either on- or off-site. Attempts to do so will result in an account warning. Anyone caught doing so again after a warning will be banned.
• Any attempt to reclaim money sent through PayPal will result in your account being banned. In addition, accounts that have been banned are not eligible for a refund, as bans are a direct result of violating game rules and terms of service.
• Accounts will be deleted after a period of inactivity. Characters are retired after 21 days of inactivity ("rolling over"). Accounts that have no Chrysos balance will be deleted after 178 days of inactivity; accounts with a Chrysos balance will be deleted after 365 days of inactivity.
• The forums are not to be used to ask for advice for real life, nor are members permitted to post anywhere about personal, medical, or psychiatric issues. It is highly unlikely that anyone on Indomita is qualified to offer advice on these matters. Please seek professional help or contact local hotlines. Any incidents of this will result in deletion of material and an account warning.
• Asking repeatedly for items, game currency, characters, artwork, or anything else (in other words, begging) may result in a chat and forum ban for a short period of time, as well as an account warning.
• Any and all advertisements for other games should be contained in the proper forum. Mention of other games is permitted in other public areas but linking and advertising referrals and related things, should ONLY appear in the Other Sites forum. All posts of this sort will be deleted and depending on the frequency, warnings issued.


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