Last Update: Nov 17, 2020
  • Definitions

    • 1. “Indomita” refers to the website contained on, and extends its reach to all official content and communications in connection with the game.
    • 2. “Game” refers to the interactive game elements of Indomita.
    • 3. “Currency” refers to Indomita’s virtual in-game currency. These are:
      • a. Chrysos, obtained primarily through purchase with real world currency but also obtainable through exchange programs and through trading with other players;
      • b. Cacao, an in-game currency earned by characters.
    • 4. “User” refers to any person who has accessed the website, whether or not they have a registered account.
  • Acknowledgment of User Responsibility

    • 1. By accessing or using Indomita (, you agree that you have read, understand, and accept the terms of service listed below, and agree to be bound by these terms.
    • 2. You also accept you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws that may interfere with your use of this site.
    • 3. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, you are required to stop using or accessing Indomita immediately.
    • 4. The Terms of Service may be modified at any time, with or without prior notice. These changes become effective immediately on their implementation and will be announced to players. By using the site after these changes have been made, you are continuing to acknowledge and be bound by these Terms.
    • 5. Violation of these Terms will be met with appropriate punishment utilizing a warning system, detailed below.
    • 6. Questions about these terms may be sent to
  • Acknowledgment of Indomita’s Responsibility

    • 1. Indomita is under no obligation to remain open, and may shut down for any reason, with or without notice.
    • 2. Indomita does not guarantee that the game will be available without interruption or without errors.
    • 3. Indomita may suspend all or parts of its game service for repair, maintenance, or other technical reasons, with or without notice, and may make changes to the game at will.
    • 4. Indomita is not responsible for the loss of account and game data due to technical errors, nor are users entitled to compensation for losses of this nature.
    • 5. Indomita is not obligated to reimburse the user for any money spent on the game for any reason.
      • a. All Chrysos sales are non-refundable and final.
      • b. Any attempt to reclaim money sent through PayPal will result in an immediate suspension.
      • c. Accounts that have been suspended are not eligible for a refund, as bans are a direct result of violating game rules and terms of service.
    • 6. Indomita follows due diligence to the privacy of its users, as detailed below.
  • Privacy & Security

    • 1. Indomita is committed to protecting its users' privacy. Any data requested by the administrators is only for account verification purposes.
    • 2. Indomita collects the following on registration:
      • a. Username: A user-selected identifiable handle used for login and identification. This is visible publicly.
      • b. Password: A user-selected password used for login, encrypted by our servers. Indomita does not have access to this password nor can it be used for verification of account ownership.
      • c. E-mail Address: A working email address owned by the user, utilized for account verification and identification.
      • d. Birth Date: The user’s day, month, and year of birth. Used to verify age in regards to the Terms of Service.
      • e. Security Question and Answer: A user selected question and submitted answer for additional account security.
      • f. IP address: Used to enforce terms of service and to monitor account activity.
    • 3. The information gathered is stored for the duration of the account.
    • 4. The information collected is not shared to any third parties except in cases where Indomita is required by law to do so.
    • 5. In order to ensure account security, Indomita follows certain procedures, including:
      • a. Indomita will only share account information with the account holder.
      • b. Account inquiries must be done through emailing from the email account it is registered from.
      • c. A reset password option is available on the home page (
      • d. A reset security question option is available when logged in (
    • 6. Indomita users take full responsibility for their account’s login and password information. Indomita is not responsible for account data and activity should the user give their login information to another party, or if the user does not sign out on a shared computer.
  • Account Requirements

    • 1. Account creation is restricted to users age 16 or older.
      • a. Any account discovered to be registered to an underage user will be immediately suspended.
      • b.Continued access of Indomita to users between the ages of 13 and 16 may be granted with a parent or guardian’s written permission.
        • i. The parent or guardian must email to begin this process.
        • ii.Users under the age of 13 will not be granted access, even with parental permission.
      • c. Accounts created before 11/17/2020 have been ‘grandfathered’ in, as before that date, the Terms of Service allowed registration to those age 13 and older. Those users are exempt to the under 16 rule.
      • d. Users are welcomed to register again after their 16th birthday.
      • e. On age verification:
        • i. “Suspicion” of a user being underage is not sufficient to close an account under this term.
        • ii. Indomita staff will never ask a user for their age, outside of asking for their birth date on registration.
        • iii. If the user discloses their age on site, or on other sites that they have connected and shared socially with Indomita and its users, Indomita administration will consider this an admission of underage account ownership.
    • 2. Users are permitted only one account.
      • a. Users found to have multiple accounts will receive a warning (see “Enforcement of Terms of Service”) and any secondary accounts will be suspended.
      • b. Unless first authorized by an administrator, only one account may be registered per IP address.
        • i. Users who share an IP address may contact to obtain permission to have multiple accounts at that IP address.
        • ii. IP addresses are monitored and users found with shared IP addresses that were not authorized by administrators will be considered in violation of the policy.
      • c. If access to an account is completely lost and cannot be recovered, users may be given permission by to begin a new account.
    • 3. Secondary accounts cannot be created to avoid a ban (suspension) or other punitive actions on a primary account. Doing so will result in immediate suspension of all related accounts with no possibility for reinstatement.
    • 4. Accounts are non-transferrable. They cannot be traded or sold for real life money, virtual currency on or off Indomita, other game accounts, etc. Accounts cannot be given away. Accounts found to be in the possession of someone other than the original owner will be banned.
    • 5. Players may not have “shared” accounts.
    • 6. Accounts may be deleted after an extended period of inactivity (monitored by last login date).
      • a. An account is judged as inactive after one year without login for accounts with no Chrysos balance.
      • b. An account is judged as inactive after two years for accounts with a Chrysos balance.
      • c. Inactive accounts that are deleted will be completely cleared of all identifiable data and may be reused/recycled to another user on the site.
      • d. Users who have had their account deleted may rejoin the game with a new account, so long as they were in good standing before the deletion (not banned).
  • Enforcement of Terms of Service

    • 1. Indomita functions on a warning point system to track the discipline of each user, and to fairly enforce the Terms based upon the severity of each violation.
    • 2. Several of these violations and their resultant warning points are listed here, although Indomita reserves the right to add additional violations as need may arise.
    • 3. Upon violation of terms, the user will be sent a message of warning through email and through Indomita’s messaging system. This will include any warning points incurred.
    • 4. Indomita reserves the right to give “informal” warnings, which are warnings without points associated, in cases where the offense seems minor and/or accidental. Informal warnings are still logged in Indomita records.
    • 5. Once a user has reached 100 warning points, their account will be banned and the IP logged.
      • a. If any offense is found to be a major breach of terms, strongly offensive, or otherwise detrimental to the game or its users, an instant ban may be issued.
      • b. Warning points will naturally fall off of an account quarterly, at a rate of 5 per quarter. This decline in points will happen on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 automatically.
      • c. Users who were banned previous to this warning point system may contact for a re-evaluation. Indomita is not obligated to overturn any ban and may choose to refuse reinstatement with or without reason.
    • 6. For account security, only the owner of the account may discuss warnings with us through on-site contact or email ( only. Other users will not be given information about warnings or bans issued, including whether or not action was taken.
    • 7. Indomita reserves the right to reverse a warning or ban we feel was issued in error.
  • Official Content of Indomita (Intellectual Property)

    • 1. All official content created for use on the site - which includes, but is not limited to, game systems, code, graphics, artwork, written material and documentation - is copyrighted to Indomita.
    • 2. Official content may not be recreated or shared on other websites or services, including fansites or review sites, without explicit permission from Indomita administrators (
    • 3. Content such as screenshots and other officially designated material may be shared so long as proper credit is given to the site.
    • 4. Any user who violates these terms will be held legally accountable.


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