Indomita is a wild horse hybrid simulation/rp game. Unlike in a standard sim game where you would run a stable or train horses for competition, Indomita is much more open than that! Create or adopt a horse character and guide them on their journey through life. Choose roles to suit their goals and personality and develop relationships with other in game characters to unlock new interactions. We have a heavy focus on character at Indomita that comes both from play by post roleplaying that is available but not required and the general format of the game. There is no "best" build for an Indomita horse and the only limit is your own imagination! Come help shape the world of Paradisus and breathe life into your very own wild horses!

Our characters have advanced color and build genetics, both realistic and those developed specifically for Indomita. These horses have thousands of possible appearances: six distinct builds, each with different art for foals and adults, as well as each gender. Pair that with seven different mane and tail styles, two ear varieties, two different noses, hundreds of base colors, numerous different shades, and hundreds of markings with variations as well, the customization of your horses is endless!

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Total Number of Active Users: 76
Total Number of Active Characters: 2705
Active Stallions: 913
Active Mares: 1314
Active Foals: 478


Indomita is the only one of it's kind on the vast and endless plains of the Internet. That's right - Indo is the only wild horse game online. Yet, it's so much more than that. With a friendly, efficient staff that actually cares to interact with their players, the community and atmosphere on here is just great; we're all friends of a sort, always joking and 'weirding up' the chatbox (who is, if you're curious, goes by the name of Chad). I have met many people whom I am proud to refer to as my buddies, both online and in the real world. I have evolved as a writer, as well - building up my characters' personalities, writing out their bios, and roleplaying - Indomita is full of inspiration, strange as it may seem to you. A simple joke in the chatbox can lead to a "short" story or a herd . . . and more! It's also so refreshing to be able to mingle with a community that understands, fully, the concept of "grammar". And, lastly, Indomita has also taught me the concept of being a respected leader. With the ability to manage your own herd, you must have the skills to effectively collaborate with other fellow herd members and be able to get them workin', and keep them active. Foals need to be raised, happiness needs to be maintained, mares need to be protected. You can't simply boss people around and expect them to comply. Or post a thread in the fourm and expect people to do whatever it says. Yes, I shall admit, a computer game has taught me the essence of being a leader, a role-model. Don't tell my teacher. Seriously, guys. Indomita.net is amazing. Azende, the admin, even named an in-game item after me (nope, never going to forget that). JOIN. >:D
- ivy020


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