Indomita is a wild horse hybrid simulation/rp game. Unlike in a standard sim game where you would run a stable or train horses for competition, Indomita is much more open than that! Create or adopt a horse character and guide them on their journey through life. Choose roles to suit their goals and personality and develop relationships with other in game characters to unlock new interactions. We have a heavy focus on character at Indomita that comes both from play by post roleplaying that is available but not required and the general format of the game. There is no "best" build for an Indomita horse and the only limit is your own imagination! Come help shape the world of Paradisus and breathe life into your very own wild horses!

Our characters have advanced color and build genetics, both realistic and those developed specifically for Indomita. These horses have thousands of possible appearances: six distinct builds, each with different art for foals and adults, as well as each gender. Pair that with seven different mane and tail styles, two ear varieties, two different noses, hundreds of base colors, numerous different shades, and hundreds of markings with variations as well, the customization of your horses is endless!

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Total Number of Active Users: 32
Total Number of Active Characters: 689
Active Stallions: 212
Active Mares: 364
Active Foals: 113


This game is literally the best online sim I have ever played. I have been here almost a year now, and Indo is the only game that has kept me hooked this long. Normally I get bored in about 6 months. First, the actual game. There are so many possibilities for your characters; gene wise and personality wise. You can have a Sooty Silver Sable Champagne Dun Celo Reverse Roan Overo Sabino Splash Rabicano Cuculla Avitus Blanket Appaloosa Evorsus or a plain Wild Bay, whatever the player wants. I also love the personality panel thing, and how that affects them a bit. Then there's roles; they add even more possibilities! And factions... You could have your Wild Bay become the leader of a successful herd, or have the Sooty Silver Sable Champagne Dun Celo Reverse Roan Overo Sabino Splash Rabicano Cuculla Avitus Blanket Appaloosa Evorsus live in a Caterva with her Significant Other. The horses can be best friends, lovers, hate each other's guts, what ever you decide. You have so much room to grow as a Roleplayer, or enjoy the sim part of the game. The realism is awesome. We have real factions and factions inspired by horses in real life. Genes that are fake feel real. There's something for everyone. And the community :D literally everyone on this site has been nothing but kind to me. We all get along extremely well, and I would call everyone here a family. There have been a lot of times that I was laughing out loud from chat, and being given funny looks from my family in RL. We all care about each other. When I am not having a good day, one of those days where everything that could go wrong does, I can come here and talk about it and always feel much better after. We can be ourselves even if we aren't perfect here. I love this game and every single player on it with my whole heart. Thank you :D
- Gustynn


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